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Vaults Reward

Vaults Reward Pool

Pool (USDT):

3,000,000 Million USDT Voting: Waiting…


Vaults are pools of funds following certain strategies, which attempt to provide passive income streams through competitive yield farming strategies.
1. 1/3 (33.333%) of every transaction tax is sent to the Vaults pool.
2. 50% of Vaults profit is redistributed to holders.
3. 40% of Vaults profit is for MU “buyback-and-burn”.
4. 10% of Vaults profit is for the dev team.
5. Users who early withdraw Vaults profit need to pay 50% tax. The early withdrawal time is 168 hours.
Vaults​ is an important foundation for sustainable development of Mu Continent.
NOTE: To get the reward, You need to stake at least 21 million MU.


Vaults products are under development, and many features are still not online.