Mu Continent


01. Declining transaction Tax

Every transaction of MU is taxed a fee of 12% which is an important foundation for sustainable development of Mu Continent. In order to thank the community members to grow together with MU, When the amount of holders exceeds 100,000, 200,000, and 400,000, the transaction tax of every transaction is 10%, 8%, and 6% respectively. It is more friendly to long-term holders.

02. Vaults​ & Buyback-and-burn

Vaults are pools of funds following certain strategies, which attempt to provide passive income streams through competitive yield farming strategies. 1/3 (33.333%) of every transaction tax is sent to the Vaults pool. 50% of Vaults profit is redistributed to holders, 40% of Vaults profit is for MU “buyback-and-burn”, and 10% of Vaults profit is for the dev team. Users who early withdraw Vaults profit need to pay 50% tax. The early withdrawal time is 168 hours. Vaults​ is an important foundation for sustainable development of Mu Continent.
NOTE: To get the reward, You need to stake at least 21 million MU.

03. Vaults​ Pool Funds Bonus

Mu Coninent is community-driven project that provides control of the development process, resources and decision making authority directly to groups in the community. The underlying assumption of community-driven project is that communities are the best judges of how their lives and livelihoods can be improved and, if provided with adequate resources and information, they can organize themselves to provide for their immediate needs. When the Vaults pool has 3 million USDT, the community can vote to decide whether to share 70% of the Vaults pool funds through smart contracts. If the voting result is to share the funds, the funds will be distributed to the top 2100 users according to the MU staking amount, and the remaining 30% of the funds will remain in the Vaults pool until it reaches 3 million USDT again.
NOTE: To get the reward, The minimum token position is required to be no less than 1 million MU.

04. Advocate Reward

1/12 (8.333%) of every buy order transaction tax is used for the referral reward. You can be the Advocate by sending the Referral 1,000 MU token. When the Referral converts, the advocate receives 10% of Referral’s every buy order transaction tax.
Referral marketing is a tool used by various businesses and corporations across a wide variety of different industries to grow and build customer bases. Modern-day referral marketing now heavily relies on social media and the internet, allowing the scope of referrals to increase dramatically by reaching a far broader audience. Most recently, referral marketing has allowed companies such as PayPal, Dropbox and Airbnb to grow exponentially with their personalized referral programs.
NOTE: To get the reward, The minimum token position is required to be no less than 1 million MU.

05. Advocate Reward Pool​

1/12 (8.333%) of every transaction tax is sent to Advocate Reward Pool. Advocate Reward Pool funds will be evenly distributed to the top 21 advocates. “Top 21” means the total trading volume (buy order – sell order) of advocates’ Referrals every 7 days. It is a strategy to encourage existing community members to help promote MU Continent. The best 21 promoters will get the reward from the Advocate Reward Pool​. The one-level Referral marketing with a reward pool helps build community consensus exponentially.
NOTE: To get the reward, The minimum token position is required to be no less than 1 million MU.

06. FOMO Reward Pool

1/6 (16.667%) of every transaction tax is sent to the FOMO Pool. If there is no transaction within 120 minutes, 10% of the FOMO Pool funds will be sent to the last valid buyer of the previous FOMO winner who buys no less than 100,000 MU. The FOMO Reward Pool plays a more important role in the early stage of the project. It encourages community members to trade to win prizes. After all, everyone wants to try their luck.

07. Anti Whales

We have seen many projects holders suffered the big dumps from the whales. For eg: NCAT price dropped 4 times in just hours because a whale dumped and took nearly 500 BNB from the pool (and SAFEMOON case was 1771 BNB). So transactions (sell/buy/transfer) that trade more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected. This will protect price movement as well.

08. LP Acquisition

1/6 (16.667%) of every transaction tax is locked as liquidity in the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, creating an ever-rising price floor. As the MU token LP increases, the price stability mirrors this feature with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders. The goal here is to prevent the larger dips when whales decide to sell their tokens later in the game, which keeps the price from fluctuating as much as if there was no automatic LP function.

09. RFI Static Rewards & Burn

1/12 (8.333%) of every transaction tax is redistributed to holders. Static rewards solve a host of problems. First, the reward amount is conditional upon the volume of the token being traded. This mechanism aims to alleviate some of the downward sell pressure put on the token caused by earlier adopters selling their tokens after crazy high profit. Second, the reflect mechanism encourages holders to hang onto their tokens to garner higher kick-backs which are based upon a percentages carried out and dependent upon the total tokens held by the owner. 1/12 (8.333%) of every transaction tax is sent to burned address. Also the burn address is also a holder thus each transaction helps deflate the supply.